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 CS2D Ultimate Pro Guide!

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PostSubject: CS2D Ultimate Pro Guide!   CS2D Ultimate Pro Guide! EmptyWed Aug 18, 2010 3:58 pm

Hello and welcome to the CS2D Ultimate Pro Guide tutorial. I am your author, $l!c3. Here in the tutorial I will tell you all the tips you need to survive and succeed in CS2D.

Chapter 1: Weapons

When you are playing a server in a game, it is pretty obvious to get a weapon you are comftorable with and use it. But there are some weapons that are of useful help when you don't notice. Let's start with snipers. Now sniping is a special type of skill that depends on your aim, and ONLY your aim. A good sniper to start with is the Scout. Now I prefer the Scout because It is a good gun to practice your aim and you skill to. To start off, I'm gonna put a situation. There are 2 terrorist heading to you, and you are in the middle of the desert. First thing is first, put on x1 scope, NOT 2 but 1. Aim at your target and then as soon as you pull the trigger, switch to x2 scope and try to fire at the same time. X1 scope is for locking on your targets, x2 is ready for firing. This helpful when you are in close combat. Do NOT put x2 scope automatically, cause the target may run out of your sight. If you are a person trying to get a lot of kills in quick time, try to use the lightweight snipers. The heavyweight prevents you to evade enemy bullets in time, and you can get shot. But if you have the time, and you want to put all power towards the bullet, the AWP is for you. It's .300 Winchester bullet(Not said in CS2D, but I'm stating real life facts) can put an enemy down in seconds.

Now that we got sniping down, let's do assault rifles. The M4A1 and the AK47 are common, and that is alright. These are the main weapons for the war. Tip number 1, when you are moving forward, never run with your rifle at hand. Why? It slows you down. To get to your assault rifle very fast, press the "1" key as soon as you see an enemy. Tip number 2, when you fire your weapon, always do short bursts. It isn't interesting at first, but it helps. Sometimes when you spray fully, some bullets don't take damage cause of SFX errors. So it is good to do 2 to 3 bullet bursts. That way, most of the time your bursts will do damage. Second of all, the lower damage rifles(FAMAS and Galil) may not be that good but it can be helpful in some ways. If you develop a habit of using those 2 rifles, you will make an easier habit of using M4 and AK47 easier since your habit is with low damage ones. So if you want to 'pwn', try to use low damage guns, and that way, you will 'pwn' with the main ones.

Now off to shotguns and SMG's. They are really considered "weapons of war", but they can be of use. The P90 and MP5 are good weapons to practice your skill for better weapons. Just develop a habit and switch the the top weapons. The Mac10 and TMP is for improving your skill and aim. Every bullet that enters your target counts, so you need to point your cursor at your target all times. This is a good technique to develop a good aim, and the skill to maintain that aim. Shotguns are very similar to..... lions. Get too close and you will die. The best weapon for CQC(Close Quarters Combat) battles. No tips are needed for the shotgun, just go up close and blow their torsos off their bodies.

Handguns are considered the lifeguards. When you are going to die and you have no ammo in your primary, you switch to your handgun. The most common and reliable handgun is the Deagle cause of it's power. But sometimes the weapons you get are useful enough. The USP is a really good handgun. Has an acceptable RoF, good damage, and it is equipped with the Silencor. The Elite and the Five-Seven are for people who like it fast. They want to wipe out targets as quickly as possible. The Glock and the P228 just plain suck, do not use those guns, but as always, any handgun can save you.

Time to move to the melees and the explosives. The best melee to have is the one you always have your knife. During CQC, you can unload enough round on your target and give him a little love with the ending slash. Flashbangs, HE, and Smokes are handy when it comes to Assault type of games(for example, de_dust). Throw a flashbang into an area that is mostly populated and been at. Throw some smokes at one direction to disorient your opponent on his knowledge of where you are. High Explosives, throw them at places the enemy will go to in less than 2-3 seconds. The perfect time to throw a grenade is when you think he is about to run, and then you throw the grenade to his estimated running path.

Chapter 2: Your environment

The type of warzone/battlefield you fight in can conclude your performance. For example... You are in a jungle that has a lot of palms and trees, rivers, etc. Best place to hide is in the trees, but don't be caught camping in the same spot for a long time. Switch trees to keep your enemy wondering where you are. In the jungle, when choosing to join the CT's, always choose the Seal Team 6, his green suit can provide some(but not much) camoflauge with the green backgrounds. And in the T's, choose either the Phoenix or the Guerrila. Their colors might provide you some camouflage.

In the desert, camouflage cannot be found in either of the teams, it depends on your cover. When you are in a wide desert background, always build a eagle's nest(base). I don't mean that if you see a tiny map with desert tiles, you automatically build a base. I am saying this if you are in a LARGE body of sand, and all you find is just... sand. Build your base for protection. Not much tips for the desert, but in large desert areas, and IF you have a wrench, start building your protection.

In the snow, I don't have much tips either. For CT, neither of the characters provide camouflage. In the T team, the Arctic Avengers character is needed to survive in a winter snow area. Same for the desert, if you are in a LARGE area with a wrench, build your nest. And also building a nest in a large area, marks where you are, because you know where your base is, and what spot it is on the map, which gives you good direction abilities.

In urban/industrial areas, where there is either tiles or metal, both teams can camouflage a little. It depends what colors the tiles are and how they adapt to you. When you are in a metal background, it is impossible to use the Portal Gun, cause the Portal Gun doesn't work on metal floors. Urban/industrial areas are the best places to build your nests because both your buildings and your background are similar
either in coloring and camouflage, or they both look alike. So try your best to maintain a base in the Industrial jungles and the Urban war fields...

Chapter 3: Stealth / Tactics

When during battle, it always helps to know your enemy. What he is using as a weapon, if he has armor or not, if he is in a squad with others behind him, if he has more than what you can see. Best rule in combat: Know your enemy. So before you make an attack, study your enemy(This might sound unnecessary, but in Assault and Standard modes, this is important). Always have somebody behind you in case you are not sure of attacking. To conquer an enemy's base successfully, there is only one main answer, OUTFLANK THEM. This means, attack the enemy from all sides, leaving them no escape.

Now let's go onto techniques you do when taking fire. First of all, do NOT stand still. It is pretty obvious but never stay still, cause you are a sitting duck. When an enemy is firing at you, practice your strafe. And what I mean by this is, practice moving left and right or up and down and do a zig zag pattern. Keep moving in zig zags so the enemy won't get a good shot at you. When you are in combat and you are about to fire at the target, do not concentrate on the target. Concentrate on your cursor. If you concentrate on the target, you won't know where your cursor will go. Thats why you always look at your cursor, point it to the enemy and then fire. Follow these instructions and you will be impossible to kill.

If you want to be under the radar, or incognito, it is likely best to hide at places no one would suspect you are hiding. Trees are the #1 thing people will look at for hiders, so don't hide in the same tree all the time. And if you think you will be spotted soon, leave the area WALKING, not running. Why to walk? You will not cause any noise and the intruders will not be alarmed. In a CTF match, it is likely best to have 4-5 people with you. 3 people are the assaults(the runners to get the flag) and the other 2 will construct an eagle's nest you all camp there. Best thing to protect eagle's nests is to build turrets. Do NOT build turrets outside the eagle's nest, or it will die. Build them in a safe place that will protect them from gunfire, and choose a public area in the base that is prone to kill enemies.

When you have Stealth Suit on, always walk in zig zags. Do not walk in a straight line, or they will see your trail. And an important tip when using the Stealth Suit, NEVER GO INTO THE WATER. Even if you don't cause noise and walk, do NOT go in the water. It will still leave a trail of ripples behind you, causing a little more than %50 chance of getting caught. The perfect hiding spot for a ninja(person wearing Stealth Suit) is in a tree. It still may be a spot where people suspect hiders, but no matter how dislocated you are from the tree, you won't get spotted. You aren't as spotted as a normal person on a tree dislocated cause you don't have a solid body, you are %80 invisible. But the other %20 can still get you caught if you don't hide right.

Time to be an escape artist. You are spotted and the enemies are finding you inside a large building. First thing's first, walk and then run, walk and then run, walk and then run. Do tiny little taps like each second you walk, and run. Every time you walk you lower suspicion, and every time you run, you get away by the enemy by a few percent. The best places to hide are near the ends of the map. Always try to go to the Alamo(the place where a squad or one person regroups for cover) and be able to escape from there.

If you wanna be like Rambo and get the job done hard and fast,and put down each and every enemy you see in sight, use the M249. No best explanation other than this. When you are on your own and you are trying to get an objective, but there are like 4 enemies at the objective, use a special technique: Hit and Run. This basically means shoot down the enemies with your M249, capture the objective, then run like if you were being chased by the cops.

This is all for now. I will update the guide each week for new and better tips.

The leader, $l!c3

If video games were real.....

CS2D Ultimate Pro Guide! JIvmD

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CS2D Ultimate Pro Guide!
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