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 Secondary Weapon Tactics

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PostSubject: Secondary Weapon Tactics   Secondary Weapon Tactics EmptyFri Aug 20, 2010 2:28 am

I just thought I'd share something I learned a while back that greatly improved my KpD. That is the use of a secondary weapon. I use the Deagle but any pistol other than the P228 and Glock should be useful in the same way. Try not to think of your secondary as a last resort.

For this example lets say there's an enemy around the corner in the open running toward you. You could rush with ur primary and trade shots until one of you dies, or you could use the following technique and increase your chances of a kill. Switch to your Deagle and snipe the enemy (yes I said snipe) then duck back behind cover. This will do a lot of dmg to him and even if you take a rifle round u are still ahead. You can do this a couple times, then finish them off with your primary. This technique will work in most situations when your enemy is exposed. Timing and accuracy are crucial if the enemy has a scoped weapon, so be careful.

Another thing about the Deagle is spam firing. This is intended more for construction game mode. If you know there is likely to be enemies somewhere, spamming with a deagle CAN be effective. If you do this make sure you shoot at random intervals and from multiple positions/directions otherwise a sniper can hone in on you. If you have 2-3 ppl spamming, deagles can be quite effective at deterring the opposition. Also random fire from a pistol can help lure unsuspecting targets into an ambush.

Hope that was helpful and happy hunting,
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Secondary Weapon Tactics
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